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No17 Therapy

The lava stone in a box

The lava stone in a box

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Lava stone in a box from No17 Therapy, used for aroma oils. Lava stones are perfect for essential aroma oils because they are porous and thereby slowly release the fragrance from the aroma oils from inside the holes in the stones.

Aroma oil is the clean and healthy alternative to scented candles, scented sticks and room sprays, as it does not emit unhealthy chemicals or polluting particles from burning in your home.

Start the lava stone by dripping 6-7 drops of aroma oil on the lava stones. You can then refresh the box with a few drops when you need a nice scent in your home. The lava stones are ideal for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms and small entrances, where you want a subtle and controlled release of fragrance. 

Note! Aroma oil must be purchased separately

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